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Weight Loss Surgery In Mumbai

Weight Loss Surgery In Mumbai is the option when you are unable to lose weight by natural methods like diet and workouts. This is done for the people with extreme obesity and it’s also called as Bariatric Surgery. Although there are different types of weight loss surgery and each one of them have their own significance. Some weight loss treatment Mumbai also affect the amount of food you eat and sometimes the digestion of nutrients. Its’s ovious that you gain some weight even after the surgery, all you have to do is to follow the diet and workout plan shared by the doctor.

Weight Loss Surgery In Mumbai is surely a miracle for people suffering from obesity but still you need to understand that the amount of weight you lose depends on the type of weight loss surgery you undergo. This can range from 50% to 70%.

What you need to do before the surgery?

Since this surgery is related to your body and fat control so you need to be conscious about every eating, drinking or other habit that you have like smoking etc. Doctors usually ask their patients to quit smoking, loose some weights (around 15-30 pounds) which usually lowers the risk for later stage. He also ask you to meet a good nutritionist to change the way you take food and amount of proteins, carbohydrates and minerals you take daily.

  • When you are an obese and have weight related issue like diabetes type 2.

  • You are an obese and you know the risks and benefits.

  • If the surgery is the only solution for you and you can easily adjust to your eating habits after the surgery.

  • You understand the being overweight can invite many types of other diseases which can worsen the situation that you are currently dealing with and Weight Loss Treatment Mumbai can really save you.

Which Surgeon is best for you and where to find him/her?

If you start looking for weight loss clinic Mumbai you will come across many but how will you decide who is offering the best treatment the proof that the assurance by the surgeon is genuine. You just need to ask yourself few question and you have answer to all your queries related to the weight loss treatment.

  • What is the success rate of the surgeries he did previously

  • How popular he is among his patients and what facilities does he offer in his clinic?

  • Does he have any kind of certifications for the weight loss treatment that he is doing?

  • Are there any complaints from the patients regarding the surgery and what they usually complain?

  • How well qualified he is in doing the surgery and the experience he holds in the field, which will help you to understand that how well he is going to treat you.

Who is Dr. Jaydeep H Palep?

Dr. Jaydeep Palep’s Weight loss clinic is based out of Mumbai and is in practice since the last 21 years. It is renowned not only in Mumbai but also India. He has the credit of being the first fellowship trained Robotic Gastro-intestinal surgeon from India way back in 2006-2007 and has also the credit of performing the first robotic Gastro-intestinal surgery. He has to his credit more than 8000 GI surgeries majority of them being Bariatric surgeries over the last decade and half.

He is keenly sought after bariatric surgeon in Mumbai and patients come to him from all over the country and abroad. This center is known as one of the best surgery clinics in Mumbai. He is one of the first bariatric surgeons in Mumbai and India to perform the banded Gastric bypass (Fobi pouch) and the mini gastric bypass (also known as Mini bypass surgery in Mumbai). He was trained for the banded gastric bypass by Prof. Mathias (Mal) Fobi himself (one of the pioneers of bariatric surgery in the world and the inventor of this procedure). Dr. Palep’s bariatric surgery clinic in Mumbai is one of the most popular halts for international patients especially from East African and south African continent and also the middle east. He has operated on patients from across the globe right from Canada/USA right up to China.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution for your weight, DO NOT MISS the opportunity to come and visit us once at the best bariatric surgery clinics of Mumbai, INDIA. Feel free to contact us on e-mail or phone to line up your appointment.